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All products are made in India.
Yes, all products of Haironic are Safe
At least 7 to 8days after regular use.
Seasme oil , Aloevera , Rosemary oil , olive oil , coconut oil , flaxseed, amla , Green tea , Grape seed.
Herbal based products are always safe in the hair care segment. Regular use of these products gives satisfactory result to increasing hair volume.
Hair loss may be due to dandruff, nutrition deficiency, hard water, stress, certain medicine, hereditary, hormonal changes like Thyroid etc so identify if any cause is concern with it. Avoid chemical based hair styling products like spray, gel, color, dye etc. Avoid exposure to dust, moist, fumes, hard water use for hair washing. Must be take food which are enriched with protein, vitamin, calcium, biotin. For hair wash use shampoo.